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Vincennes New sports centre

Commune de Vincennes

Vincennes, Île-de-France Altitude : 52m
1 Gymnasium

Centre disciplines

Table tennis Badminton


The Sports Complex will open in January 2023 and it will fit all the highest sport and environmental standarts. It will offer the best conditions to concentrate, train and perform. Sanitation, maintenance and security will be strictly monitored. The Sports Complex is located in the centre of Vincennes, at 30 minutes from the international airports and the High-Speed-Train stations. The city of Vincennes is nearby Paris and the Olympic facilities. The shops and the know-how in Vincennes enable to fulfill any specific sport diet and to find any gear. With 3 subway stations direct to the core of Paris, Vincennes offers also an ideal, quiet and green environment : its famous wood is the favourite place of athletes and walkers who want to breathe pure air and enjoy nature. The National Institute of sport, expertise and performance (INSEP) is located in this wood. The city of Vincennes, is also wellknown for its middle-age castle, a former royal residence and is an exceptional inheritage place, as well as a modern, technological and functionnal urban space, where you can move easily. A military hospital is able to deal with any medical emergency and is located in the town center. In a very friendly and peaceful atmosphere, the city of Vincennes provides a large range of hotels, religious places, and a very rich cultural life.

Special features

Completly new, the Sports Complex has been designed in the prospect of the Olympic Games. It reflects the last standarts and technologies focussed on sport performance. It gives a unity of space for 2 sports: badminton and table tennis. Ultra modern courts and locker rooms are surrounded by fitness and care rooms, by meeting and video rooms as well as relaxation areas. The Sports Complex is located nearby the Olympic facilities. Access with the subway is very easy, and Vincennes is located at 30 minutes from the international airports and the HST stations. The city is quiet, convenient and particularly attractive.

Known for

By its newness the Sports Complex is definitely focussed on forthcoming performances. The city of Vincennes has always maintained a high level of requirement concerning its sports facilities and has already hosted Olympic delegations of volley-ball. The city will be a committed partner, devoted to the confort and the success of the teams. The athletes will be received with a great and careful attention.

Sports Complex of Vincennes will be the place to perform!

Optional extras

Meeting room Internet access Ice bath Equipment available for private use Secure storage area Infirmery Floodlit facilities Hospital nearby Relaxation room Physiotherapy room Weights room Film screening room Personal security service Vehicle hire service Adapted vehicle hire service

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