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Louis Dolly Stadium

Commune de Villejuif

Villejuif, Île-de-France Altitude : 100m
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  • Louis-Dolly Stadium is located at the distance of 10 km from the Paris-Orly International Airport and just 4.5 km from the capital. It can be reached by Subway 7; It is located within walking distance from several major roads such as the A6 or RD7. There is a parking area for buses in front of the enclosure. Located in the heart of the Hautes-Bruyères Departmental Park, the Louis-Dolly Stadium includes a grass-covered football stadium and grandstand which can place 320 people, as well as the following facilities: • A 400m tartan track comprising 6 raceways (7 in a straight line), • A hammer throwing area, a discus throwing area and a weightlifting area,
  • • A jump field and a pole vault area, • A high jump area, • Two long jump fields and triple jump fields. The stadium is also equipped with a time display and sound system. A weight room is also accessible. The athletes will have available changing rooms with showers and toilets. The enclosure has a fence and an anti-intrusion system to ensure optimal training conditions. You will as well be able to organize individual sessions.

Special features

Louis Dolly Stadium is located in a beautiful green zone. You may leave the stadium to have a good time in the nature in a large forest park nearby. There is a gym inside the stadium. The conference room can be used for screening or preparatory sessions. There is a secure storage area where you can store your equipment. Finally, the athletes have access to the Youri-Gagarine Nautical Stadium located nearby. It is equipped with three swimming pools, saunas and a hammam.

Many hotels located in the proximity (2 to 4 stars) may host delegations during their stay.

Known for

The Louis-Dolly Stadium hosts major regional athletics competitions each year. In 2019, the Ile-de-France track-and-field athletics championships were held on the territory of the complex. During the annual Villejuif race called “La Corrida”, organized in 2019 (10 km), we had the pleasure to welcome an international elite group including Kenyan, Ugandan, Ethiopians and Moroccan staff and athletes, for whom the stadium was placed at the disposal for four days. A large football tournament called the Metropole Cup T12 is annually held in the stadium. In 2007, the stadium hosted a match between Ireland and New Zealand as a part of the Junior Rugby World Cup.

Optional extras

Meeting room Internet access Ice bath Equipment available for private use Secure storage area Infirmery Floodlit facilities International airport nearby Hospital nearby Relaxation room Weights room Film screening room Sauna

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