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Schlossberg Stadium

Commune de Forbach

Forbach, Grand Est Altitude : 220m
1 Stadium

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Come and discover Forbach and its region in the heart of Europe : an incomparable industrial heritage, generous and unspoiled nature, a cultural dynamic which gives the possibilities to cross-border projects and, above all, the reception of Forbach residents, specialists tourism, traders, artisans,…, who will be keen to share their know-how and their passion. In the city of Forbach, nature comes first. With its three parks (Schlossberg hill, Bruch urban park, fun park of Marienau), its 13,000 trees, its flowering campaigns in spring and autumn, Forbach has an incomparable variety of plant. For lovers of wide open spaces, all you have to do is go to the surroundings of Forbach to live a 100% natural experience: ponds, forests, quarries, remarkable plants - orchids, winter horsetails - can be discovered over the many travelling routes. For the great pleasure of all people. The fame of the Forbach art scene is well established. Irrigated by the presence of numerous partners, it is deployed in a multidisciplinary way to allow everyone to satisfy their curiosity. The city of Forbach favors by the large number and the quality of its structures, the practice of individual and team sport, whether in the school or association or to host numerous international sports competitions.

Special features

Forbach has many advantages in terms of mobility, accessibility and in terms of the quality of these facilities. Its ideally located infrastructure makes it easy to reach all of the city’s amenities.

Easily accessible by highways, airports, TGV station … all the possibilities are available to you to reach us in the city of Forbach!

Known for

The Forbach international athletics meeting at the Schlossberg Stadium is one of the very best French meetings since the 2000s. It is still popular with French and foreign athletes.

Almost all the athletes of the French team who participated in the Olympic Games of Rio 2016 or the World Championships in London 2017 and Doha 2019 took part in the meeting in Forbach. It has always been ranked among the 120 best meetings in the world and in 2019 it occupied the 79th place in the world and 6th in France.

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Meeting room Internet access Equipment available for private use Infirmery Floodlit facilities Hospital nearby Relaxation room Weights room Film screening room

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