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Rouaud Sports complex

Commune de Vallet

Vallet, Pays de la Loire Altitude : 50m
1 Wrestling hall

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Located in the center of Nantes’s vineyard, Vallet, the  capital of the wine “Muscadet”, is an attractive city with less than 10 000 inhabitants. The city is located 20 minutes away from Nantes -2 hours from Paris by train- and 60 minutes from the Atlantic Ocean. Vallet is a sports city that obtained, in 2019, a price from the Sports City Label which was organized by the Regional Olympic Committee. Vallet has 25 sports associations. Ideally located in the city-center, the sports facility -open since 2014- is composed of an “Onesta” multi-purpose sports hall measuring 1 458m², with 3 fixed stands measuring  97m² which can host 265 persons (7 persons of reduced mobility). It can be used for the wrestling competition (3 wrestling mats). The wrestling hall “Steeve Guénot” measures 693m². It has 6 mobile stands with 12 sits, 6 changing rooms (2 can be used by persons of reduced mobility), 1 changing room for the referee, 1 infirmary and 1 meeting room measuring 50m². This sports facility has a parking area with 52 spots (3 for disabled persons), and a bus platform. The wrestling hall Steeve Guénot is bright and have 2 fixed wrestling mats -288m² of training space- and is equipped with an audio system which allows training with music. It has a muscle-building space where 10 different activities can take place at the same time. The club T.G. Vallet lutte can make its equipment available: 3 tumble mats (3m x 2m x 20cm), 3 training mannequins (16 and 18 kg), Kettlebells,  Slamballs and skipping ropes.

Special features

Vallet has a great amount of  facilities. Some are dedicated to sport and leisure like a recently renovated indoor swimming pool with a sauna, a sportive course, a BMX track, 3 football pitches, a movie theater, a cultural center (accessible by foot)… Vallet is a lively city with more than 70 shops and a Sunday market. Thanks to its preserved natural heritage with its vineyard landscape, Vallet has unique natural sites as for example a green space where the riversides of the Logne are landscaped in order to be a true living and walking space.

Nearby, there are possibilities to discover an animal park, the amusement parc of the Puy du fou, the Machines of the Isle of Nantes, a leisure center offering activities such as rock climbing, canoeing…

Known for

After six years of existence, the sports facility of the Rouaud have hosted many events:

Steeve Guénot facility:

-5 departmental wrestling tournaments

-3 regional Olympic wrestling championships

-2 regional championships for disabled people

-2 French championship for young wrestlers

-Numerous wrestling perfecting courses with the participation of members of the French wrestling team

-Taekwondo perfecting courses


Claude Onesta facility:

-1 qualifying tournament for the French wrestling team

-3 regional challenges of fencing

-3 national courses of  Shorinji kempo

-3 tournament for young handball players

– The animation of the Nantes Backet Hermine

Optional extras

Meeting room Internet access Equipment available for private use Infirmery Floodlit facilities Hospital nearby Weights room Film screening room Vehicle hire service

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