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Agglomération de Chaumont

Chaumont, Grand Est Altitude : 322m
1 Gymnasium

Centre disciplines

Handball Basketball Volleyball Wheelchair basketball Sitting volleyball


Located at 2h10 from Paris, the territory proposes a serene and calm setting prosperous for recollection. PALESTRA is a building of 8000 sqm of high-quality architecture that proposes a sports hall which can be transformed into a concert hall. It  can receive 2000 people during a sports activity and 3200 during a concert activity. It also encopasses an aquatic center with 6  swimming pool lanes of 25m of length and a well-being zone. Baptized “PALESTRA”  in reference to the sports and well-being buildings of roman antiquity,  this three-in-one building, which will be inaugurated in 2021, is a landmark facility for the Agglomération of Chaumont. The sports hall can receive numerous sports activities ( Hand ball, Volley ball, Basket Ball…) and answers high level norms and therefore the needs of the Chaumont Volleyball 52 team who evolves into the Natioanal A-League which will allow it to play Europe Cup matches. This facility also answers all the standards of design for the accessibility of individuals with disabilities. The delegations can benefit with equipements of high added value:

  • Playing area of 44m x 26m in removable wooden flooring.
  • Workout room of 94 m2
  • Changing rooms and showers
  • Meeting room
It is also possible to take advantage of the aquatic spaces and well-being, consisting of:

Special features

In a naturally preserved environment, Agglomeration of Chaumont benefits with a privileged setting, far away from the stress of large metropolises.

A true city in a country, Chaumont has quality hotels that can host more than 200 people, including individuals with disabilities.

A land of gastronomy located along the road to Champagne, endowed with high quality restaurants including a star-noted one by the Michelin guide at Colombey-les-deux-Eglises, a county where still stands general De Gaulle’s ancient house. Thus, the teams can eat in places where French cuisine is put forward.

The delegations can also enjoy themselves in Chaumont or surroundings by practicing different hobbies (carting, golf, lakes, thermal stations and casino…)

A high debit 100% numerical land, PALESTRA is equipped with WiFI high-debit and video equipments are available on request.

Known for

In 1998, during the Football World Cup, the territory hosted the international Jamaican team who stayed at Chateau d’Arc en Barrois, trained mostly in Chaumont and took advantage of the thermal facility of Bourbonne-les-Bains in order to heal there muscular contractions.

Chaumont sees also her volleyball team, the Chaumont Volley Club  52 evolve in  the professional A-league since 2012. Nominated France Champion in 2017 and participating several times in the Champions League, the team attracts international players as well as famous trainers such as Silvano Prandi, who holds, as a trainer, one of the biggest reward in European volleyball. Old volleyball Italian player himself, he won the bronze medal in the Olympic Games at Los Angelos in 1984.

Optional extras

Meeting room Internet access Ice bath Equipment available for private use Secure storage area Infirmery Floodlit facilities Hospital nearby Relaxation room Physiotherapy room Weights room Film screening room Sauna Personal security service Vehicle hire service Adapted vehicle hire service

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