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Metropolitan nautical stadium

Commune de Mérignac

Mérignac, Nouvelle-Aquitaine Altitude : 61m
1 Aquatics centre

Centre disciplines

Swimming Artistic swimming Para swimming


Located in the heart of the city of Mérignac, in Gironde, one hour from Paris by plane, the metropolitan nautical stadium is located within the Robert Brettes complex including a stadium with athletic track, dojo, collective sports gymnasium, gym. fencing and roller stadium. Its multidisciplinary facilities linked to its proximity to the city center, its restaurants and natural settings, as well as the many services offered there, make it an exceptional practice site and envied by all. The metropolitan nautical stadium finds pride of place there. New equipment perfectly combining the practice of recreational and competitive swimming, this unique establishment is perfectly suited for the practice of high level athletes both for work in the water and for physical preparation. Composed of several pools including an indoor Olympic pool and a Nordic pool, its weight room as well as all the services offered there provide athletes with a first-rate training, preparation and Team Building location.

Special features

The site is located a few minutes from the airport and is accessible by public transport. Around the nautical stadium are many sports facilities such as gymnasium, rugby field, athletics track, roller stadium … Moreover, inside the nautical stadium are in addition to the pools, a physical preparation room, gym. meeting room and a restaurant providing quality preparation for all delegations.

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Optional extras

Meeting room Equipment available for private use Infirmery International airport nearby Hospital nearby Weights room Sauna

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