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Méons Sports centre

Saint-Étienne Métropole

Saint-Étienne, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Altitude : 515m
1 BMX track

Centre disciplines

Cycling BMX racing


Located in the heart of the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes Region, the Saint-Étienne metropolitan area has a population of 400,000 people. The city is just 2 hours and 50 minutes from Paris by TGV (high speed) train, 50 minutes by car from Lyon Saint-Exupéry International Airport and just 15 minutes from Saint-Étienne/Bouthéon Airport. As France’s only UNESCO "Creative City of Design," it is the 4th ranked French city with more than 160,000 inhabitants in terms of quality of life (Ville où il fait bon vivre). Saint-Etienne is situated at the gateway to the Pilat Natural Park, with its vast green expanses and mountains culminating at a peak of 1,431 metres, providing the ideal playground to get into great physical condition. Saint-Etienne is a major centre for BMX in France. It is here that some of the top national riders (Camille Maire, Tatyan Lui Hin Tsan...) live and train. The “Parc des Sports de Méons”, in which the BMX track is located, covers over 28 hectares devoted to sports activities. This vast complex is open 7 days a week, with a permanent team of technicians at your disposal to respond to all your needs. It also provides facilities for indoor tennis, track cycling, and running. The BMX track has two starting hills, one of which is 8 metres high and meets international standards (starting gate for 8 racers). In addition to the sports facilities, and according to your needs, the site also provides: changing rooms, meeting rooms, infirmary rooms, etc. A restaurant is also located in the heart of the complex. Finally, the “Parc des Sports de Méons” is located 10 minutes from the Saint-Etienne University Hospital, where specialists in sports traumatology - who are informed about the presence of high-level sportsmen/women in the area - can respond quickly to provide high-quality medical care for athletes.   Website of the City of Saint Etienne:écouvrir-sortir/sports/stades/trouvez-stade-à-saint-étienne

Special features

The track at the “Parc des Sports de Méons” is an iconic venue for BMX Racing in France.  Three good reasons to choose this track:

  • The main track was designed by the greatest French BMX riders. Its technical characteristics make it one of the preferred training facilities for the best riders in France.
  • The track has two starting hills, with the main one meeting international standards (8 metres high, 8 starting racers). The 3-metre-high secondary hill provides a dedicated warm-up and training site.
  • Built in 2016, the BMX Race track benefits from significant annual investment and maintenance operations by the City of Saint-Etienne to ensure that it remains one of the best facilities in France.


Accommodation and/or catering on site:

  • A restaurant located in the “Parc des Sports de Méons” complex itself

Numerous hotels nearby

Known for

  • Saint-Etienne and the BMX track at the “Parc des Sports de Méons” are “THE” training venue for French BMX riders! Two riders will probably be selected for the Tokyo 2021 Paralympic Games;
  • The “Parc des Sports de Méons” regularly hosts the BMX French Cups and French Championships;
  • It is the training centre for the “Saint-Étienne BMX” National Division 1 club and team, which has won the French Championship several times and is coached by Julian Perrier;
  • The best French riders, who have won international titles, are based in Saint-Etienne: Tatyan Lui Hin Tsan, Camille Maire, Mathis Ragot Richard, etc.;

Optional extras

Meeting room Equipment available for private use Secure storage area Infirmery Floodlit facilities Hospital nearby Weights room

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