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La Grande-Motte Watersports centre

Commune de la Grande-Motte

La Grande-Motte, Occitanie Altitude : 2m
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Baie de Camargue Sailing The 2024 Olympic Games Preparation Centers Port Camargue  Grau du Roi, La Grande-Motte and Mauguio-Carnon join their skills to welcome your teams according to your needs.

  • Navigable stretch of water 365 days / year, similar to Marseille’s
  • Optimal weather conditions
  • Possibility of "Coach Regatta"
  • Easy access :
o Montpellier / Marseille international airports, o Railway stations / highways within 15 minutes o Possibility of container transit through the port of Sète (30 km)
  • Nautical professionals: sailmakers, shipchandlers, boat preparation, yards (composite) ...
  • Very high-level medical services nearby and specialist department for high-level athletes
  • Diversified and qualitative accommodation and catering offer
  • Near the Camargue, the biggest protected natural area in Europe
  La Grande Motte
  • A pleasant living environment: unique, dynamic seaside resort, lively all year round, green city, on a human scale (radius 1.5 km)
  • Numerous sports facilities: sports halls, swimming pool, tennis, golf, thalassotherapy, etc.
  • A local medical emergency center
  • A high-level nautical center:
o Since 1967, The “Yacht Club of La Grande Motte” organize national and international regattas. o Since 2009 the “Centre d’Entraînement Méditerranée” attend to high level Athletes in Offshore, Inshore and Olympic series (especially in the foiling series.)

Special features

      • Great skill in high performance Sailing
      • Centre d’Entraînement Méditerranée:

      – Main training base for the Nacra 17 French Team, Nacra 17 Youth Team 2024 and Kitefoil Youth Team 2024 (50 high-level athletes permanently registered)

      – Measuring equipment for hulls, masts, rigging (balance, inclinometer, laser, etc.)

      – offshore racing boats (Figaro2) available for lease

      • Easy access to the secure boat park;a sleepway and a large beach nearby to launch.
      • Storage of containers in the boat park
      • Place available in the port for support boats
      • All facilities: meeting rooms, toilets, workshops, etc.
      • Accommodation very close to the boat park
      • Training from Optimist to Olympic series

Known for

Organization of national and international regattas :

Mondial Nacra17, European Nacra17, Engie Kite Tour, Grand Prix Diam24

Hosting high-level international teams :

France Nacra15, Nacra17, Foil kite Training base :

France team Nacra17

JO 2024 Nacra 17 Youth team

JO 2024 Foil kite Youth team

(50 high-level athletes permanently registered)

United Kingdom Offshore Artemis Challenge
Italy Offshore, GC32  
Switzerland Offshore, Inshore, Nacra17, Nacra15  
Spain Offshore  
Belgium Nacra15, Nacra17  
Uruguay Nacra17  

Optional extras

Meeting room Internet access Equipment available for private use Secure storage area Infirmery Hospital nearby Relaxation room Physiotherapy room Weights room Film screening room

Local weather

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