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La Boulie

Commune de Versailles

Versailles, Île-de-France Altitude : 150m
1 Hockey field

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La Boulie is an exceptional venue tucked in the middle of a beautiful forest of more than 100 hectares. Located only 10 km south-west of Paris, close to the prestigious Palace of Versailles, it can be easily reached from the main road network, via the Pont Colbert route in Versailles. It is one of the closest venues to the Yves du Manoir Stadium (20 minutes approx.), where the field hockey tournament will be played during the 2024 Summer Olympics. La Boulie is home to the Racing Club de France’s 45-hole golf course (one of the most prestigious golf clubs near Paris) and to the Racing Club de France Field Hockey Club with its three pitches (one watered synthetic pitch, one sand-filled pitch and one grass pitch). It is in a secured environment, with a gate that can only be opened with a fob or code. In addition to the changing rooms and sport facilities, there is also a “traditional” timbered Club House, built in the typical British style, with its restaurant, bar, patios and trophy room. La Boulie is a nationally and internationally renowned venue offering a mixture of leisure and relaxation and top-level sporting activities. The Racing Club de France Field Hockey Club’s teams, both women’s and men’s, are the most successful in France (32 titles won). Interestingly, it was the Racing Club de France who co-organized the 1924 Olympic Games in Colombes. The circle is complete.

Special features

The beauty of the place –with the Eiffel Tower and the Palace of Versailles close at hand, on-site restaurant, secluded location, top-quality facilities, the possibility for hockey players to play golf, a wide choice of hotel accommodation close by and customized service: these are some of the advantages of La Boulie. Moreover, the Racing Club de France has a strong international brand image, which will give greater prestige to the country whose team will be hosted there.

Known for

    • 1897 – Creation of the Racing Club de France (RCF) Field Hockey Club
    • 1919 – Very good female hockey players in the RCF
    • 1923 – The French national hockey team included five players from the RCF, and this has always been the case ever since
    • 1928 – Olympic Games in Amsterdam. Pierre PRIEUR, the French hockey team’s captain, was voted best center-half
    • 1941 – Hockey matches were played in Croix Catelan in the Bois de Boulogne
    • 1960 – A new pitch was created in La Boulie
    • 1979 – The first junior World Cup was organized in La Boulie
    • 1993 – European Cup in Brussels: the RCF was then one of the best teams in the world
    • 1990-1996: The RCF Field Hockey Club won the French championship for seven years running
    • 2008 – A third hockey pitch, Olympic-style and watered, was created in La Boulie

    • 2015-2017: The RCF Field Hockey Club won the French championship for three years running

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Meeting room Internet access Ice bath Equipment available for private use Secure storage area Infirmery Floodlit facilities International airport nearby Hospital nearby Relaxation room Physiotherapy room Weights room Film screening room Personal security service Vehicle hire service Adapted vehicle hire service

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