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Beaumont-sur-Oise Sports Complex

Commune de Beaumont-sur-Oise

Beaumont-sur-Oise, Île-de-France Altitude : 5m
1 Fencing hall

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The city of Beaumont sur Oise is a tawn which has got a rich diversity of historical heritage our charming streets, our rich heritage from the forest of Carnelle to the Oise river makes this place one of the most beautiful settings of the Val d’Oise. It is only 35 Kms from Paris, less than one hour by car and 20 minutes by train thanks to its efficient transportation network. The economic development areas/clusters/poles including RCG, the plaine Saint Denis and the stade de France are 30 minutes from Beaumont sur Oiseby the road. The sports complex of the city built in 2016 includes a fencing room and a dojer. It is located is an ideal setting, close to the forest and to the stadium sports facilities : 2 enlightened soccer filds, a 400 m and 6 corridors athletics track, one handball field and one basketball field, this being the parc des sports, welcoming athletes with the best conditions. Also one 55 places car park available.

Special features

Sports complex meeting the standards of HGE well isolated. Ideal setting in the middle of a parc des sports allawing many different activities.

In the building, in front of the fencing room there is in a dojo xhich can be also used as a relaxing and stretching room.

A nursery with medical bed for physitherapists.

An audiovisual room where technical improvement can be made next to the city center on foot there is not far from the city center

A water  park with 3 pools and a solarium aquatic park. Next to the oise river.

Known for

The fencing club of Beaumont sour oise has trained many young people and won several national and international titles for any age category. Many regional champions leagues took place in this fencing room.

An international match for each team took place between (séniors d’épée) the team of Beaumont sur Oise going further to a National championship 1 and the Colombia team training for the Tokyo games. The fencing club of Beaumont sur Oise invests in the training of a high level disabled athete aiming to the next Olympic games and a “espoir” senior (fencer) on the ministerial lists as a high level fencer (swordman).

Optional extras

Meeting room Equipment available for private use Hospital nearby

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