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Adrien Hardy Watersports centre

Commune de Beaucaire

Beaucaire, Occitanie Altitude : 18m
1 Watersports centre

Centre disciplines

Rowing Canoe sprint Para rowing Para canoe-sprint


Based in the south of France, in the Occitanie region and its Gard department, Beaucaire is a medium-sized town with 16,000 inhabitants at the heart of the “Golden Triangle” of Nîmes, Arles and Avignon. Beaucaire, a town rich in art and history, is also a Sports City with a dense, local network of associations, offering a rich and varied assortment of activities: tennis, baseball, gymnastics, football, handball, indoor football, archery, rugby, pétanque and Provençal ball games, athletics, cycling and Camargue races. The infrastructure is well-suited to a watersports centre with a watercourse closed to navigation on the Rhône river for the pursuit of sailing, paddling, but mainly for rowing with a training club providing oar technique that proved its worth from the training given to Adrien Hardy, the Olympic Champion. The Watersports Centre benefits from a total and extensive upgrading project, with the objective of providing modern and brand-new infrastructure to satisfy the very highest requirements, making practising easier and giving access to a site that fosters high-performance. Its geographical position allows for short journey times, on foot, to and from the accommodation, dining facilities and it is situated close to ancillary sites that may be used, whether for sports, leisure, relaxation or even cultural and historical purposes. Access facilities, be they by air, road or rail, are modern and easy-to-use. The climate lends itself to the pursuit of sports under ideal conditions.

Special features

– The Adrien Hardy Watersports Centre boasts a watercourse that is closed to navigation, with a breadth of 140 metres over a length of 4 kilometres, thus allowing end-to-end working

– This 4 kilometre endurance course includes 2 kilometres in a straight line, convertible into water lanes

– This body of water is situated in natural surroundings, in a calm and peaceful environment

– The Centre is equipped with secure storage areas in immediate proximity to the embarkation point

– It is situated near to amenities and less than 5 minutes on foot from the covered swimming pool and allows for an immediate departure by bicycle along the Green Way running up to the Gard Bridge, with 15km of it being secure, plus an athletics track and an indoor gymnasium.

Known for

– Preparation centre for Adrien Hardy, the top-level sportsman from Beaucaire, 2003 Double Sculls Champion and 2004 Olympic Champion

– 2006/2007 sports season – Training course for French Juniors in preparation for the Youth Cup for rowing

– 1993 Mediterranean Games

– Played host to American canoeing-kayaking teams in preparation for the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games

– Played host to various national rowing and canoeing competitions between 1990 and 1994

– Played host to foreign delegations partnering the local rowing club for preparatory courses on a municipal basis

Optional extras

Meeting room Internet access Equipment available for private use Secure storage area Infirmery Floodlit facilities Hospital nearby Relaxation room Physiotherapy room Weights room Film screening room Personal security service Vehicle hire service Adapted vehicle hire service

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