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Gien intermunicipal dojo

Communauté des Communes Giennoises

Gien, Centre-Val de Loire Altitude : 150m
1 Dojo

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Judo Para Judo


Gien is a town situated at 1.30 hrs driving from Paris, 1 h from Orleans or Bourges, on the way to the Châteaux de la Loire. It is an attractive area for tourism, with opportunities of visiting the Faiencerie (crockery manufacture), the Museum of Hunting in the Castle, or the bridge-canal of Briare on the Loire. It is a sporting city with more than 50 clubs acting on its territory. Numbers of major sporting events are welcome here, thanks to its numerous equipments, and also to its fine geographic situation on the banks of the Loire. The all-districts Dojo is a modern place, well enlighted thanks to numerous bay windows. It includes a large tribune with a capacity of a hundred spectators or so. The Arena in which the Dojo is included  is made to be attractive for sporting groups wishing to train. The town council has edicted an attractive policy of prices and will provide support to the visitors in their researches of activities and training areas.

Special features

The Arena is only five minutes driving from the railway station. It is close to many sport installations: all-purpose room, climbing wall, table tennis, racing track, bowling alley, football and rugby fields. The all-districts Dojo includes four regular fighting groundsheets for a total surface of 676 square meters, one body building room with a sauna, a meeting room, a weighing room, four cloakrooms, and a living space with a small kitchen and a bar in the lobby. The Dojo welcomes a judo club with 450 regular members.

Town hotels and restaurants are situated at five to ten minutes driving from the Arena. Many walks in forests or along the banks of the river Loire are available.

Known for

The Dojo has been inaugurated on the 13th of March 2006 by Mr Jean- François Lamour, minister of Youth and Sports.

Every Wednesday, the Judo Team of France is welcome for its training.

Every year in October, an international Aikido training is organized.

Every year in May, the Coupe de France of Shorinji Kempo Seïgido Ryu is also planned.

And as a whole, frequent events at the level of the nation, the region or the department, may occur in the Dojo.

Nota : some other clubs use to come occasionally for practice and preparation : US Orleans Judo, Sucy-en Brie and Nice Olympique.

Optional extras

Meeting room Internet access Equipment available for private use Secure storage area Infirmery Floodlit facilities Hospital nearby Physiotherapy room Weights room Film screening room Vehicle hire service Adapted vehicle hire service

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